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The largest of all our carved Water Buffalo Bone Horse Pendants is this fantastic piece for the woman, man or horse loving youngster looking for a central focus piece of art-to-wear.   I could see Georgia O'Keeffe wearing it at an opening. Anyone who appreciates horses will treasure it!  Hang it in a bedroom, kitchen, living or bathroom when you're not wearing it. #oobhorsecollection

This lovely woman, man or child's pendant can be worn as a necklace for protection, you may also fasten this remarkable talisman to your favorite hat, purse, or saddle!  Insert it into a cabinet door, a headboard.  Hang it next to your bathroom mirror, or float it above a doorway in your barn!  It will bring the spirit of the bear wherever it's worn or placed!

Spirit animals, or animal allies as they're sometime called, are an embodied form of a spiritual guide that help us to navigate through uncertainty, and to empower us in any given moment.  Find yours here.

The horse is found in every culture across the globe.  It's universally known for its freedom and independence, endurance, confidence and power.  

Do you feel a special affinity to the Horse? Have you had encounters in life or in your dreams with them?  If so they may have come to tell you something about yourself, something you need to learn or teach... something about your life's direction. If you listen, each will show you the way.  Allow your intuition to guide you.  You'll be amazed by what you find!

Water Buffalo have buttressed man's survival with their meat, hides, horns, milk, cheese, butterfat, and power, transporting people and crops for more than 5000 years.  All parts are used, including their bones...and sometimes to make beautiful artworks such as this pendant!  if you haven't tried Buffalo Mozzarella, you haven't lived! #cowboysandindiansmagazine #yellowstonetv

Note the backside is embellished with a floral pattern.

Measures approximately 4.75" to top of bale x nearly 2" at widest point.
Turquoise Disc is 5/8"
Bale is nice and large for hanging from turquoise, silver, leather or silver necklace.
Up to 4/8" Necklace will slide into it easily.
Materials: Water Buffalo Bone, Turquoise, Silver Base Metal

Ask if you'd like me to send a suede or leather necklace.

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