Delia 's Windows Ice Bracelet ICB12

$ 97.99

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Call her clairvoyant, or does she simply have 'The Sight'?  Whatever it is, she has the power to see the future, as if she's peering through windows in time.  

Our homage to Delia is this sweet bracelet, with 3 clear Zircons balanced by 2 black Zircons, (the dark and light separated by negative spaces that act as windows to the other side! 


Delia's Windows Ice Bracelet is a great everyday bracelet. She won't get in the way at the office, and promised to bring some sparkling fun into your days.

- Please measure your wrist prior to ordering the above bump/wrist bone.
   Measurements are taken from tip to tip of bracelet.
_ Add one inch to your wrist to find the correct size.

- Standard measures 7.5" fits 6.5" Wrist
- 3 Clear Zircons.
- 2 Black zircons.
- Liquid Alpha closure with SG logo.
- Chrome finish.
- Handmade in the USA
Includes a complimentary gift pouch.

Note: Sizes may vary due to chain links variation.

Orders are charged to customer's credit cards at the time the order is placed.

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