Filtered Copper Water Dispenser | Sertodo Copper

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Our new Sertodo Copper Water Filter System is one of the greatest designs we've ever seen; the epitome of functional beauty, and add to that the ultimate substance you can add to your body for baseline health! 

By combining the highest quality water filtrations system, merged with the anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties that copper 'soaked' water provides.

You'll rest assured that you've got one of the purest, most delicious substance our planet has to offer, and our body's most precious resource.

Great water, all day, every day.  Decant it to take to work or play, and have a pitcher by your bedside.

With the temporary failures of many major metropolitan potable water systems, your access to good, clean drinking water is still right at hand. 

In Austin, Texas, where these are designed, the city water system has shut down or issued boil water notices multiple times in the last several years.  We're now ready for the next time. 

  • 2 gallon dispenser capacity, 2 gallon purification tank capacity, and lid.
  • Fits 2 - 4 Ceramix GF filters, the most advanced Ceramic/Carbon gravity feed filters available.  Capacity for 4 filters.  Filters Sold Separately.  Please add a minimum of two to your order if you'd like your water filtered by clicking link below.
  • High quality stainless steel spigot.  
  • Filters out bacteria, chlorines, fluorides, pharmaceuticals, VOC's, lead, and more.  Check the Filters Specs image for more information.
  • Adding in the Oligodynamic effect of copper, and your drinking water becomes second to none!

Filters and Replacement filters are also available here.