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I'm in awe of this rich, Sonoran Gold Turquoise stone! Mined in Mexico near the city of Cananea, our gorgeous this medium sized ring has a golden brown matrix with what look like rich gold deposits. The green is a grassy hue, with aqua blue specks. A flat sided, oval shaped ring with twisted wire frame and smooth silver bezel.  The triple Sterling Silver shank is perfect for a stone of this size.

~ Size 8
~ Buyer receives this ring!
~ Genuine Turquoise
~ 925 Sterling
~ Measures approximately 1" x just under 3/4" wide.
~ Triple Sterling Silver Shank
~ Twisted Silver Frame w Smooth Bezel
~ Beautifully crafted by a Mexican Silversmith; Stamped ~ T
~ Hallmarked Sterling

Sonoran Gold is one of the hottest new Turquoise varieties on the market in 2019/2020.  It's considered a high grade turquoise, and like many turquoise, it's soft and must be stabilized or treated for durability.  This turquoise was stabilized using the Zachary process. 

From a newer deposit in the Cananea mines, unlike most turquoise, Sonoran Gold is not mined in veins but rather as individual nuggets typically found in clay deposits.

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