High Desert Shadows Duffel Bag | Yellowstone Spirit Southwestern Collection

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You're in for a big treat with this rich new duffel bag!

Yellowstone TV and Cowboys and Indians Magazine Lovers Rejoice! This large duffel bag folds down to pack away, and is so soft you can use as a pillow when you're traveling.  It will fit under an airline seat because it's soft. 

An Andrea favorite with it's sunset and desert colors, I can just see myself sitting on the porch of an earthen cabin in the Southwest, sipping on a Moscow Mule, or better yet a Mexican Mule from my very own Copper Mug and this beauty by my side, one of my cats curled up sleeping within!  With dual suede handles and corners High Desert Shadows Duffel Bag has all the features one needs for jumping on a train, plane, jeep or hiking trek across your favorite mountain range; with rubber feet, inside pockets and a strong zipper!  This also makes a GREAT Diaper Bag!

Featuring a Zapotec Eye of God in the center, with black red and white dominant colors and a splash of grey as well, you'll be protected on all your journeys.  

For further protection, did you know that the horse is considered the travel guardian by many Native American tribes.  Mount one to your bag, or wear one of our Horses next time you venture out!
A handcrafted duffel bag, to tote your goods on your vision quest, overnight or week long adventures. A great man, woman or child's bag, or diaper bag with Southwest and Zapotec Indian designs. 

Durable and Soft Handwoven Acrylic
Zipper closure
Fully lined Cotton Interior
2 Interior Pockets
Measures Approximately 22"H x 10"W x 12" H 

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