Last Night © 2003 ~ A song by Andrea Record & Dave Malm MP3

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Last Night; © 2003 is the telling of a dream I (Andrea) had in the early 2000's.  In this dream I spent the night with Bob Dylan, a musician I've admired and loved since I was a teen.  We sat in his hotel room whilst he was on tour.  I remember thinking, this certainly is a mediocre room, (ha) but I was so entranced with our conversation, it didn't matter.  Listen to hear the rest of the story...

I was dating my musical partner, David {Dave Malm} at the time of the dream, and as with all my songwriting, the lyrics 'landed' on me, with melodies and harmonies appearing as I dreamed it up a cappella.  I would then sing my song to David once, or twice and within moments he'd be composing the guitar or piano tracks, which included multiple tracks, drum and bass tracks and engineered in his home studio.  It took moments for this complex man and profound musician to build a world around, each of my songs.  Over the course of 2-3 years, we recorded together and remained friends.

I recently learned that David passed in October 2020, 10 months after his twin brother, John passed,  His sister Holly said that he died of a broken heart because he couldn't deal with the loss.  Not long afterward, Holly too took a trek to 'The Other Side'.  They are missed and loved. 

When I listen to the music we created, I'm astounded by David's virtuosity and how years later, his sole touches me to my core.

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