Mephisto My Love © 2003 ~ A song by Andrea Record & Dave Malm MP3

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Mephisto My Love © 2003 is a song I wrote about my dear friend, and musical partner, {David} Malm in 2003. As the story goes, when I met him I said to myself, I'd never date this guy.  But after bonding with him musically for a week or two, one thing led to another.  David told me that his friends at work called him the Devil, which he was perplexed by. I thought it was funny and as I considered it, decided that perhaps he was the Dark Prince, because I'd felt one way and seemingly the next minute I was in Love with this complex man and profound musician.  Over the course of perhaps 2-3 years, we recorded songs I'd written, which David composed worlds around, and remained friends.

I recently learned that David passed in October 2020, 10 months after his twin brother, John passed,  His sister Holly said that he died of a broken heart because he couldn't deal with the loss.  Not long afterward, Holly too took a trek to 'The Other Side'.  They are missed and loved. 

When I listen to the music we created, I'm astounded by David's virtuosity and how years later, his sole touch me to my core.

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