Petite Carved Bone Horse w Silver Floral Frame Pendant Necklace | Yellowstone Spirit Southwestern and Spirit Animal Collections

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Our Art Nouveau inspired Petite Carved Bone Horse with Asymmetrical Silver Floral Frame Pendant Necklace will enchant all lovers of beauty.  Don't feel limited to wearing it as a necklace either; try mounting it to your hat, purse, saddle, or anywhere in your home, office or barn where you can admire it!  The silver frame with gorgeous floral detail, not to mention the detailing on the back complete it no matter what angle you admire it from. Deer leather lace necklace is made in South Carolina, USA!

This is an Objects Of Beauty Favorite!
#oobhorsecollection Great for a woman, man or child, hanging in the home, barn, office or embedded into a hat or saddle!

Spirit animals, or animal allies as they're sometime called, are an embodied form of a spiritual guide that help us to navigate through uncertainty, and to empower us in any given moment.  Find yours here.

Yellowstone, 1883 and 1932 fans lookout! This is a part of our Yellowstone Spirit Southwestern Collection as well as our Spirit Animal Collection!

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Water Buffalo have buttressed man's survival with their meat, hides, horns, milk, cheese, butterfat, and power, transporting people and crops for more than 5000 years.  All parts are used, including their bones...and sometimes to make beautiful artworks such as this pendant!  if you haven't tried Buffalo Mozzarella, you haven't lived! #cowboysandindiansmagazine #yellowstonetv

Measures approximately 2.25" tall 1-3/8" at widest point.
Bale clears a 1/2" silver, leather, Navajo Pearl, coral or turquoise necklace.  
Ask if you'd like me to send a complimentary suede or Rhodium necklace (Shown).

Materials: Water Buffalo Bone, Base Metal

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Customer Reviews

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It's not easy turning 60!

...but with the help of this amazingly beautiful pendant, I got through it! Great jewelry can do so much for the spirit and this heirloom piece will hold a special place in my heart for the rest of my life.

I'm with you, having just turned 60 in February myself! I hope your talisman travels with you through all your coming travels, both physical and spiritual! The 'Spirit Dog', as horses are known in some Native American traditions is known to protect it's wearer. And I hope this milestone birthday year finds you celebrating your beautiful life!
Happy Birthday Sister!

Wendy Rossiter

Truly beautiful piece that I’m sure will spark a lot of conversation! Perfect size for my body…I can’t wait to wear her out! Thank you for the speedy delivery, too!

That's what I like to hear Wendy! Enjoy!