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Sultana, or 'Hand Flower' bracelets are a traditional adornment worn by Middle Eastern belly dancers.  Historically, belly dancing was a ritual practiced by tribal woman celebrating the new birth and the birthing process in the Middle East, where "...women walked in a circle, executing belly rolls and flutters with the mother alternately joining the circle or squatting." This tradition represents the mysterious conception of life, the suffering and the joy with which a new soul is brought into the world.

Also known as 'Slave Bracelets', these bracelet/ring combined were common adornment in harems and among sensuous entertainers. Sultana embodies the epitome of feminine beauty, drawing forth our sensuous nature; inspiring our hands to move and poise gracefully.

The two side chains on our Sultana Hand Flower SG Liquid Silver Bracelet, are meant to slip over the pinky finger and thumb. We sometimes make a loop with the pinky chain, wearing it as second ring. Sultana is reminiscent of henna tattoos, meticulously painted on the hands of brides before their weddings, as well as on other social and holiday celebrations and ceremonies, since the early Bronze Age in the eastern Mediterranean and now world-wide.

If you can imagine... lace of soldered ball chain, plated in antiqued silver and studded with a Swarovski crystal.

Select from Clear/Zirconia, Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, Peridot Green, Emerald Green, Pink Tourmaline, Pale Aqua Blue, and Yellow Topaz.

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