The Moor's Wife SG Liquid Metal Bracelet

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Once...there was a man with the loveliest disposition.  His blood was Moorish; a mix of Arab and black skins.  He was proud, contemplative and compassionate.  He wrote to her, "My love, my short trip to Africa is over.  The time passes faster that never.  I have nearly reached one hundred years and although that... I still see the life and the things with adolescent eyes, searching for adult experience.  I find a gift for you, two days ago.  The weather is starting to give us a clear message to take seriously a break.  The rain season is coming sooner this year and I prepare to depart.  The sky is peaceful and really beautiful in the day time, and suddenly is getting furious and tremendously violent in the evening.  Then...the wind let us understand that the storm is close.  We get rain almost every night, a continuous ticketing tap on the roof since get to sleep with this smooth sound in the hear.  Waking up in the morning is always a new nice experience, the flood is all over, and young boys are already taking a swim on the pond; screaming and laughing with happiness."  His gift was a bracelet with the distinct and delicate shapes found in the entry ways of his Moorish ancestry.  It dangles, sweetly, upon his wife's happy wrist.  Happy because he came home!

Our Objects of Beauty favorite gift set is called the Moor's Wife Ensemble.  Buy one for someone you love, like YOU! 
Moorish Mystique Necklace, and Just a Splash Earrings.

Also available in Gold: Golden Moor's Wife

Layering and cross mixing with other finishes is a fashionable and creative practice too!  Try it with Black Chrome Flight, Black Chrome  Niobe, Black Chrome Pandora, or Mini Gina.

Check out the photo that shows all our mini bracelets layered.  It's called the Mini Revolution!

Easy Claw Closure

Measures 7.25" x .25"
This bracelet runs a bit large.
We recommend ordering 7" for standard wrists.

Made in the USA
Orders are charged to customer's credit cards at the time the order is placed.

Authentic Sergio Gutierrez Design ~ SG Liquid Metal Jewelry
Complimentary Velvet Pouch

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Customer Reviews

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Gail Hoofnagle
A special treat to behold and to wear!

The “Moor’s Wife” is a lovely, very visually appealing bracelet that draws my adoring eyes to it, repeatedly. It is delicate yet strong and it is a day into evening piece that easily moves with me into a variety of social settings.
An added bonus was the personal, professional, sincerely caring, truly assistive and gracious customer service that I received from owner, Andrea.
If I could have given a higher than 5 star rating for the stunningly lovely bracelet and the equally stunning quality of customer care, I would have done so.
Dive in and enjoy a charming treat from an equally charming lady.


Gail Hoofnagle
New Jersey

You're so kind Gail! And a real gem. Looking forward to sharing more recipes and laughter with you in 2022.
Much Love,