Vesper Byzantine Chainmaille Necklace

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A surprisingly complex weave for a simple little necklace, Vesper Byzantine Chain Maille Necklace is as bright as her namesake; the evening star.  She's a necklace to make prayer with, and one full of intrigue, puzzle and beauty.

Handmade by Talented artist, Jennifer Zumpetta in North Carolina, USA
Stainless Steel
16" in stock.  Available in other sizes, just ask!
Craftsmanship Guaranteed
Comes in a black velvet pouch.

Byzantine is perhaps one of the most popular and well known chainmaille weaves. It embodies timeless statement from the wearer. The byzantine focal point is lightly graduated;  tapering from the center outward.  A necklace with lovely and subtle sophistication.

Crafting Process:
First, the individual rings are tumble polished to clean & shine them up, as well as to remove any sharp edges or burrs they may have.
Then, each ring is opened, woven, and closed a single ring at a time to create each intricate pattern.

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