Vintage Navajo Turquoise Raindrop Bear Paw Ring

$ 185.00

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The Bear is a powerful totem or spirit animal that represents courage, strength, protection, nobility, playfulness, curiosity, patience and cuddliness.  Our one of a kind, vintage ring harks to this wondrous beast and the wearer will carry its power.

The alternative interpretation of it is that the drops represent the rain, hence the name Raindrop Bear Paw Ring.

As this is not a stamped or hallmarked item.  Native American jewelers of old did not always stamp their work.

With an antiqued silver Bear Paw shaped plate, twisted wire and beautiful green/brown belly of turquoise, it's a very special piece.

 Genuine Green Turquoise w Brown Matrix
~ 925 Sterling (Not Hallmarked or Stamped)
~ Measures approx. 1.25" High x 1" Wide
~ Size 5-3/4  This is a small woman's ring, but could easily be resized by any decent jeweler.

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Comes with black velvet pouch.

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